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We are ReachIQ

ReachIQ are an integrated management, operations, creative and content-driven communications consultancy with partners across the Middle East, Asia & UK

Who are we?

We are a team of specialised consultants that help businesses who need a fresh pair of eyes

Real world experience of owning and managing businesses from concept to inception and to business sale

Our consultants have a broad range of skill sets with many years of global business experience

Our Global Strategic Partners

Experienced high level Marketing and PR companies

who can demonstrate successful campaigns

Social media partners who that have proven skills and

forward thinking techniques

Branding expertise that will provide vision for your brand

A dedicated team that will help you to make your project come alive

We work with your team to establish the current status of your business or project. This becomes the base case for our analysis and a definition point for our progress together.

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We establish the road-map and timeline to achieve the requirements set out as the strategic objectives of your business or project and define the elements for success using the most appropriate resources.

Our service stack will be delivered with care and attention

Business strategy

Technology Consultancy

Our highly skilled 'tech' team will provide a workshop to get your project off the ground

Business Start Up

Starting a new business is hard enough. Our ReachIQ team will bring options to the table

Management Advisory

We can work with you to further enhance your business strategies

Branding & Marketing

Understanding your business and it's values will enable us to drive your message home


Our experienced global team will plan your PR strategy

Social Media

Our dedicated and experienced team will socialise your brand

Areas of expertise

Arificial Intelligence



Financial Instruments


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Artificial Intelligence

Global Asset Tracking

Indentity Security

Blockchain Technology

Notion Consultancy

Artificial Intelligence

“AI is not changing the world, people who use AI are changing the world”

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AI Consulting

ReachIQ is your full-cycle AI development partner, from concept to production and beyond

Feasibility assessments

Use case identification

Performance evaluation

Strategy development

AI ChatBots

Platform selection

ReachIQ can assist in selecting the right chatbot platform from a variety of options. Each platform has unique features and benefits and ReachIQ can help identify the best fit for a given business's needs.

Chatbot design

We can design your chatbot that aligns with a business's branding and messaging. This includes developing the chatbot's personality, creating dialogues, and designing visual elements.

Training and optimization

ReachIQ can help train the chatbot to understand customer queries, provide accurate responses, and optimize performance over time.

Analytics and insights

ReachIQ can provide analytics and insights to help businesses understand customer engagement and behavior, and make data-driven decisions to improve the chatbot experience.

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AI automation will revolutionise a business's branding and marketing strategy and dramatically improve efficiencies

Automating routine tasks, such as lead generation, customer support, and social media management

Create a more seamless, personalised, and efficient brand experience for their customers

Providing real-time analytics and insights to help track the performance of marketing campaigns

Near real time automated responses so that your team can react immediately

Eliminate technical debt with AI and focus on your core product, not fragile integration code.

Make AI not just a possibility, but easy and inevitable. Work with us on what you want and how you want it.

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